Learn Java

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On this page, I have summarized the YouTube playlists series for Java Basics and Modern Java courses on my Debug Agent Youtube channel.

These courses updates weekly. Start as a beginner on your journey to become a Java pro.

Java Basics

All you need to know to learn Java with this course is basic grade school algebra and the ability to install software. We start from the very basic concepts of programming to build simple Java applications. Once completed we will connect this course to the "Modern Java Course" and "Debugging at Scale in Production" course.

Modern Java

Many developers learned JDK 1.4 or 1.6 if they were lucky. Then never touched Java again. Left with a memory of a verbose, language. Heavy with complex abstractions and boilerplate code.

Modern Java isn't like that. It will never be as terse as Python. But it makes up for that in other aspects. Its biggest strength is the years of legacy behind it. But it's also the biggest weakness. Developers don't even know what's possible.

With this course I hope to re-introduce you to Java. To show you a dynamic, modern, performant language for the cloud era. I want to show you why Java is still growing nearly 30 years after its public debut.

Debugging Course

This playlist contains the first module of the course: "Practical Debugging at Scale" based on the Apress book with the same title. In these 9 videos we will cover everything that no one taught you about using a debugger.

Secret features like Marker Objects, Entry Renderers and much more. The full course and the book cover a lot more.

DevOps for Developers

In this series we will learn the concepts of DevOps from a perspective of developers. How can these concepts help us be better developers and managers in our day to day jobs. In a startup you might need to fill the shoes of a DevOps, in a big company you might need to communicate with a DevOps team that has wildly different ideas.

We will gain a different perspective and understanding of the entire process by leaving our comfort zone and focusing on the wider picture. We will learn about different disciplines such as platform engineering and so much more.